Looking for cutting-edge equipment for your brand?

When it comes to delivering quality products for your customers, your labels need to do a lot of the talking for you. But what do you do if your company needs access to the best label printing machine, but doesn’t have the resources available to use one? US Tape & Label offers high-quality equipment for lease or rental so that you can always find the right label for your specific product. We know how important getting the right look for your brand is—that’s why we offer state-of-the-art machinery so you can print labels in the text style, font size, and material that you love. Don’t overlook the importance of making a good first impression; we know that customers in stores around the world make their decisions based on what catches their eye first. Turn heads in the aisle of convenience stores, grocery stores, and everywhere in-between with US Tape & Label.

Customized options designed to meet your needs.

We know that the size and scope of your product orders aren’t exactly like that of a different company. What you’re looking for is unique to your needs. That’s why US Tape & Label offers leases or rentals for short label runs, with a diverse range of products including:

  • Label Applicators
  • OEM Print Machines
  • Print-and-Apply Applicators
  • Semi-Automatic Labelers
  • RFID Label Printers
  • Primary Labeling Systems
  • Specific parts to compliment your existing equipment