Thermal Desktop Printers

US Tape & Label offers a range of thermal printers that are compact enough to fit on your desk or workstation and large enough to cover a wide range of applications. Thermal printers use thermally-sensitive paper or labels that pass over a thermal print head that transfers images onto the surface. The print head has a number of tiny electronic heating elements. If the paper passes over a hot element, the paper turns black at that point. Thermal printers are easy to use, print quickly, are portable, consume less power, and are quieter than other forms of printers.

These printers have excellent and consistent print quality and do not require ink or toner refills, only thermal paper which means they are longer lasting, and more reliable than conventional ink printers. This makes thermal printers ideal for high volume printing applications such as shipping areas or registers.

In the past, thermal printing was still a quick and easy way to print labels however the quality was such that abrasions, creases and even brief exposures to heat would create spots and marks on the label that were impossible to remove. But advances in quality have made thermal printing suitable for even color printing. They can also be used for receipts, mailing labels, barcodes, QR codes, or even packaging.

Give US Tape & Label a call if your business has a need for thermal printers. We can help you find the perfect solution.