Cannabis Labels

US Tape & Label offers high-quality cannabis labels for your medicinal and recreational marijuana products. Our cutting-edge technology provides sleek, unique designs for your marijuana product labels for a look that customers will love. We offer customized labels for a variety of marijuana-based products, including various strains, edibles, and anything else you’re looking to market toward your consumer base.


Looking to Increase Your Shelf Appeal?

Your brand’s presence is crucial for attracting the audience you’re looking for. US Tape & Label offers digital and flexographic printing for an eye-catching look that will draw customers in immediately. We provide scalable solutions to accommodate your specific marketing strategy and product line, so the look of your product is as unique and satisfying as what’s inside the wrapper. US Tape & Label can use unique label materials with custom label printing for all of your medical cannabis labels. Our options include:

  • Labels for metal, plastic, or glass containers
  • Raised UV labeling
  • Water-resistant ink
  • Paper and film wrapping
  • Tamper evident labeling
  • Themed labels (420 labels, 710 labels, prop 215 labels, and potency labels)
  • In-house labeling for potency, concentrate, edibles, hemp
  • Unique designs for your diverse range of products