Stand Out from the Crowd with Customized Labels

It doesn’t matter if you’re a hungry trick-or-treater reaching into the bowl, a hiker refueling before finishing the trek, or a 9-5 grinder who needs to grab an on-the-go meal for the morning commute; we all have that one go-to bar of we come back to time and time again. With US Tape & Label’s customized food wrappers, candy bar labels, and granola bar wrappers, we help improve brand recognition so you can become that go-to snack for the trick-or-treaters, hikers, commuters, and everyone else in between. We use cutting-edge digital and flexographic technologies to provide customized labels for your food’s wrappers, so the package that it comes in is as memorable as how it tastes. With the added technology of secondary printing, your wrapper will look amazing.


Durable Design Quality for a Lasting Impression

US Tape & Label provides high-quality protein bar wrappers and candy bar labels to increase brand awareness for your product. Our FDA and FSC-approved labels work with any way your bar is packaged. The design is important, but safety is essential. All of the inks we use are food-grade and are guaranteed not to spoil the taste of your products. We collaborate with your team to identify the best labeling material for your product packaging, including:

  • Film
  • Mylar
  • Laminated – gloss or matte