Lawn and Garden Product Labels

Manufacturers of lawn and garden products need their labels to be as durable as possible; after all, if it can’t stand up to what the great outdoors throws your way, then it’s probably not the right fit for those with a green thumb. That’s why US Tape & Label designs customized lawn and garden product labels for professional landscapers, amateur gardeners, and everyone in-between. At US Tape & Label, we recognize the importance of designing a label that’s built to last.

We’ve printed every kind of label for every kind of product, from barbecue sauces to shampoo bottles. We recognize that this isn’t your everyday pet food can or jam jar—lawn and garden labels need to be able to withstand long-term storage in the garage and handle the wear and tear of being outside. We work with cutting-edge label material, for a custom-designed look that’ll turn heads in the aisle and stay pristine no matter what you put it through.


Quality Labels Designed By Experienced Professionals

If you want your label to stand up to routine wear and tear, you need to work with the best in the business. At US Tape & Label, we utilize innovative tools to construct a unique, bold design for your products. We tailor our approach to fit your needs; whatever material you use to package your product, we guarantee that we have the right labeling system to make it stand out in the crowded aisle. Our lightning-fast turnaround time gets you exactly what you’re looking for more quickly than ever. Our customized labels offer:

  • Shelf stability
  • Gloss or matte labels
  • Laminated and UV labels
  • Weather resistant (including hot- and cold-protected)
  • Shrink sleeve labeling
  • Pressure sensitive design
  • Comprehensive packaging options, including:
    • HDPE, PET, and PETG bottles
    • Aluminum or metal cans
    • Bags
  • Chemical resistant materials
  • Comprehensive filling process
  • FSC-approved materials