Spirit and Wine Labels

Whether you’re uncorking a bottle of wine with friends or looking to liven up the party with a fun mixer, nothing signifies a good time like opening a bottle of your favorite wine or spirit. The question is: how do you make sure customers choose your bottle when they’re looking to unwind with a drink? US Tape & Label’s customized wine and spirit labels offer luxurious, customized designs with a high-quality, eye-catching feel. Our team of dedicated engineers works with cutting-edge technology, including digital and flexographic prints for a label that customers will be drawn to.


Customized Designs and Prints

US Tape & Label’s quality labels are produced for a durable look that ages as well as your product. Our TTB and FSC-approved materials won’t compromise the quality of your wine or spirit. Our experienced team has worked with several companies to deliver solutions that work in tandem with products rather than against them. Our durable designs include:

  • Cold and hot stamping
  • Raised UV
  • Aluminum capsulation
  • Wet-resistant adhesives
  • Fill-process assisting and mobile filling
  • Tamper evident designs
  • Shrink-sleeve bundle wrapping

Elevate your look with luxurious raised labels.

US Tape & Label delivers customized labels for wine and spirits.

Stand Out from the Crowd

You spend valuable time crafting your product for optimal taste and quality—shouldn’t your hard work be mirrored in the way your wine or spirit is presented? US Tape & Label’s high-quality labeling solutions for wine and spirits provide your product with a look that matches the care that goes into what’s inside the bottle.