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We use CTM Labeling Systems products in our labeling processes, and we distribute them to customers for their in-house labeling solutions.

CTM Labeling Systems has an excellent reputation based on decades of experience. We distribute CTM labeling equipment to our customers, and we use it in our labeling processes. Here are some of the products we distribute and how they improve the labeling process as a whole.

Examples of CTM Labeling Machines

What types of labeling systems does CTM produce? Let’s look at a few of their products and what they do:

  • 360a Series Label Applicators: This label applicator series provides all-purpose applicators that meet a variety of labeling needs. The series provides a standard speed applicator as well as a high-speed applicator and a form, fill, and seal (FFS) applicator. Each applicator in this series can switch between merge (or wipe-on), air-blow, and tamp-blow applications for different labels. The standard 360a applicator is ambidextrous, so workers can switch hands as needed when they operate it. The high-speed applicator offers high-end dual microprocessor control. The FFS applicator offers a range of capabilities and works well in facilities with limited space for an applicator.
  • Print and Apply Label Applicators: Does your facility need equipment that prints labels and immediately applies them to products? If so, CTM’s print and apply applicators meet those requirements. Each applicator in this category meets a different print and apply need. We can help you select the right applicator for your label processing and facility layout.
  • Semi-Automatic Label Applicators: These applicators apply as many as 1,800 labels per hour, and they’re designed to fit into a facility’s existing supply chain. They often work best for labeling products such as wine bottles, cosmetic containers, and shipping boxes. If you need specific labels produced quickly and efficiently, a semi-automated labeling system may meet your needs.
    Mounting Stands: Does your labeling equipment need a new mounting stand? If it does, CTM has the replacement stand you need. They provide H-base and T-base stands. We can help you determine which mounting stand best fits your equipment.

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What Else Does CTM Labeling Systems Provide?

CTM offers much more than top-quality labeling products. They pride themselves on their excellent customer support and the fact that they manufacture all of their products in the USA. CTM has built its reputation on high-quality manufacturing and excellent support, and its team is always available to answer any questions you may have.

Which of Our Services Do CTM Products Improve?

Different CTM products improve different services. For example, the semi-automatic label applicators help us apply labels to products in industries such as health and beauty or wine and liquor labels. Similarly, the print and apply label applicators help us create digital labels for our clients. With a print and apply applicator, we enter the design into the machine, it prints that design directly onto the label, and it then travels directly onto the product. And these are just a few of the CTM products we use. After working with CTM products for years, we understand which products work best with our different labeling services and the different industries we serve.

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Whether you want to purchase a piece of labeling equipment or outsource your labeling to us, we have the services you need to achieve your goals. Let us know when you’re ready to improve your labeling processes or outsource them completely. We can help you find the right solution for your labeling requirements and implement them effectively for your business.

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