We apply your business labels accurately and efficiently with Label-Aire machines.

Label-Aires labelers and machines have been around for over 50 years now, and they provide lines of labeling equipment that help our labeling processes run smoothly. Here’s what Label-Aire offers and how we use these machines to make labels for your business.

How Label-Aire’s Equipment and Machinery Apply Labels

Label-Aire provides machinery and equipment that applies labels to product packaging that moves along a conveyor belt. The conveyor belts are even built into the machinery and equipment. They also offer a continuous belt conveyor that fits with the rest of a business’s assembly line. Their equipment and machinery accommodate three main types of label applications:

  • Wipe-On Application: Wipe-on application touches a piece of machinery direct onto the package as it transfers the label. The package moves past or beneath a machine component that wipes the label onto the top, bottom, or side of the package. Then it keeps moving and the machinery wipes a label onto a new package. The 3015-ND Wipe-On Primary Applicator sends labels down a short ramp, and the labels wipe onto the packages at the ramp’s end.
  • Air-Blow Application: Air-blow application uses vacuums, applicator grids, and pressure sensitivity to create a contactless label application process. The 3111 High-Speed (HS) Air-Blow Applicator uses air-blow techniques to apply as many as 1,000 labels per minute.
  • Tamp-Blow Application: Tamp-blow application is also contactless. A tamp is an arm with a vacuum inside it, and it goes down and hovers above a package on the assembly line. Then the vacuum inside the tamp turns off, and the label transfers to the package. If you watch footage of tamp-blow label application, it looks like the tamp is stamping or slapping the label onto the package, but the tamp never touches the package. Label-Aire uses tamp-blow application techniques to create printer-applicator hybrid machinery, such as the Printer Applicator With Stepper Tamp. This printer-applicator machine prints the label and immediately transfers it to the package via a tamp-blow process.

These three label application processes present different ways to maintain a reliable and efficient line of assembly in our facility. We use each type to apply labels to a range of different products.

Learn More About Our Relationship With Label-Aire

Find out even more about how we use Label-Aire machines in our label-making processes.

How Do Label-Aire Labelers Improve Our Label Services?

Label-Aire’s products help us improve our labeling services by offering us their versatility. Different products are made to label different types of packages, and we can order the machinery and equipment we need from a Label-Aire distributor when we need it. For example, if we need to label a batch of different-sized products for a client, we can use the Printer Applicator With Stepper Tamp mentioned above. That printer-applicator quickly adjusts to different-sized packages as they come down the line, which is helpful in cases where we label groups of randomly sized products. On the other hand, we also label pharmaceutical and health and beauty products, which sometimes come in cylindrical packaging. Label-Aire’s Inline Trunnion Series Labeling System is specially designed to label small, cylindrical packages. This labeling system increases our process’s accuracy when we label these materials. Then we can deliver accurately labeled cylindrical packages to our clients. Overall, Label-Aire’s range of equipment and machinery lets us choose the right labeling equipment for any given job we need to complete.

Partner With Us To Take Advantage of Label-Aire’s Offerings

When you partner with US Tape & Label, you gain access to the professional partnerships we use to create top-quality labels. Label-Aire is just one of the equipment manufacturers we work with to get the machinery we need to complete your labeling projects. Their equipment makes it possible for us to create labels in the first place, and we want you to understand how we use this machinery to make your labels.

If you need customized labels for your products, reach out to us today. We use equipment best suited for your project needs to create your labels. Contact us when you’re ready to start working together. We’ll be here for all of your package labeling projects and will customize our designs and equipment to provide the labels you want.

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