Consumer Goods

Give your consumer goods the edge they need with U.S. Tape & Label.

First impressions are important when it comes to product sales. You need to show off your brand and pull in people with vibrant visuals and incredible materials. USTL has the materials and experience to provide you consumer labels that will bring people back for more.

Are Your Consumer Product Labels Attracting the Customers You Want?

There’s nothing more powerful than a great first impression. With U.S. Tape & Label’s consumer product labels, we’ll make sure that your brand stands out from the crowd. We apply unique methods for products of all different shapes and sizes, taking into account the specific product you want to store and the packaging it comes in. We want to help your brand shine; at U.S. Tape & Label, we’ll give everything we have to make your brand look better than ever. Say goodbye to boring, rudimentary designs that encourage shoppers to carry on down the aisle. You want something head-turning, something engaging; we’re here to deliver exactly that so that no one makes the mistake of walking by your product without doing a double take.

At U.S. Tape & Label, we recognize that consumer goods need to stand up to routine wear and tear—if you want your customers to be able to identify with your brand, they need to be able to recognize the name on the front. Don’t ever sacrifice quality just to get your product out to the masses. Everything is crucial for your consumer product—warning labels, fonts, and design all play a part in making sure shoppers choose the products you have to offer over all others.

Say Goodbye to Boring Packaging

Make your labels worth noticing with U.S. Tape & Label.

What’s Our Process?

You put so much time and effort into making your consumer goods the best that you can make them; shouldn’t the presentation match the level of energy you put in? We want to help your product stand out with cutting-edge, innovative technology designed to make a long-lasting impression. We offer comprehensive labeling services for plastic, glass, metal, and other containers. Other features of our labels include:

  • Raised-UV Lettering
  • Matte or Gloss Finishing
  • Lamination
  • Hand- or Auto-Applied Labeling
  • Wet and Dry Application
  • Cold or Hot Application
  • Comprehensive Filling Process
  • Digital Printing
  • Flexo Printing
  • Flexible Packaging

Find the Perfect Look For Your Brand

U.S. Tape & Label works with exciting new technology to deliver exceptional results for all of our clients. We recognize the importance of a first impression—that’s why we continually look for engaging ways to elevate our clients’ brands to new heights. Let everyone in the shopping aisle know exactly where to look; reach out to U.S. Tape & Label and see where we can take your brand. With quality labeling services at an affordable rate, we’ll make sure that your brand looks better than ever.

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