Health and Beauty Product Labels

Want to make your labels look as good as your products feel? The health and beauty product labels that U.S. Tape and Label produce can help.

Health and beauty products need labels that convey their effectiveness to your customers. U.S. Tape & Label provides high-quality labels in custom sizes and materials for any type of product, so your products can outperform your competition and stand out on the shelf.

Health and Beauty Product Labels

Your products are developed to make your customers look and feel beautiful. That’s why U.S. Tape & Label creates attractive labels for these types of products. Our health and beauty product labels conform to the contours of your bottle, palette, jar or package for a look that fits seamlessly with your brand messaging. Whether you need labels for a national product rollout or a small sample order, we can produce the labels to fit your products’ unique needs.

Sleek, Durable Designs for a Unique Look

U.S. Tape & Label provides high-quality label solutions for your health and beauty products. We will produce labels for you with your specific brand in mind, so the look pairs well with the product you’re marketing. We’ll work with your design team or help you design unique packaging of your own. We’re aware of the additional care that some health and beauty product labels require, such as avoiding smearing when printing for products with oils. Our customized health and beauty product label capabilities include:

  • Raised lettering for a luxurious feel
  • Pressure-sensitive manufacturing
  • FSC-approved solutions
  • Contour labeling
  • Shrink sleeve bundle wrap
  • Matte or glass printing
  • Raised UV labeling

Looking to Increase Your Shelf Appeal?

Reach out to us today to start designing labels for your health and beauty products.

Scalable Solutions for Your Company

U.S. Tape & Label’s label production works for whatever scale you’re operating at – large or small. Our team provides flexible solutions for both your order quantities and your product containers. For more than 70 years, U.S. Tape & Label has been at the forefront of labeling and has worked with a variety of industries to create versatile and effective solutions. For both large companies and small businesses, we have solutions to your health and beauty product labeling needs. For appealing packaging at an affordable price, reach out to our team today.

Cosmetics Labels

Cosmetics labels should express the effectiveness of the product on display. U.S. Tape & Label stocks the best materials and has the knowledge and experience to produce a label that shows off the beauty of your products. We customize cosmetics labels to match the precise look you want, from minimalist to luxurious.

Personal Care Product Labels

The personal care product market is always expanding and evolving, and that means you need to keep your brand creative to stay ahead of the market trends. U.S. Tape & Label produces labels of all shapes, sizes and materials – with customized ink solutions – to appeal to any customer looking to take better care of themselves with your product.

Soap Labels

There are many types of soap available today: rustic, earthy, high-end, perfumed– just to name a few. U.S. Tape and Label can produce labels that showcase just what makes your soap special and unique. Our clean, quality labels help your product stand out from the competition.

Supplement Product Labels

People take supplements for any number of health and wellness-related reasons. Your product’s packaging needs to appeal to any variety of those reasons. We can help you create labels that fit your supplement bottles’ exact shape and reflect your brand’s message in a way that resonates with consumers.

Create Your Custom-Printed Labels With Us

Whether you need to create a small batch of custom cosmetic product labels or tens of thousands of soap labels, we have the capabilities and expertise you need to bring your products to market. We take the time to understand what differentiates your brand in the market. Then we design and produce labels that help consumers understand it, too. When you partner with us, we help you select the right printing style for your labels, whether screen printing or digital printing.

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