Health and Beauty

Your beauty products should look as good as they make your customers feel.

Health and beauty products require labels that convey their elegance to customers. With high-quality labels, custom sizes for any type of product, and various label materials to utilize, your labels can outshine the competition and stand out on the shelf with the help of U.S. Tape & Label.

Health and Beauty Product Labels

Your products are crafted to make your customers look and feel beautiful. When it comes to how you market your health and beauty products, U.S. Tape & Label makes sure that it looks just as good from the outside. Our health and beauty product labels conform to the contour of your bottle, palette, or pack for a look that fits seamlessly with how you want to present your product. Whether it’s a national roll out or a small sample order, we provide customized labeling to fit your needs.

Sleek, Durable Designs for a Lasting Look

U.S. Tape & Label provides high-quality labeling solutions for your health and beauty products. All labels are designed with your specific brand in mind so the look we deliver functions in tandem with the product you’re looking to market. We will work with your design team or help you design unique packaging of your own. Products with oils will take additional care to ensure printing never smears. Our customized health and beauty product labels include:

  • Raised lettering for a luxurious feel
  • Pressure-sensitive manufacturing
  • FSC-approved solutions
  • Shape-contour labeling
  • Shrink sleeve bundle wrap
  • Matte or glass printing
  • Raised-UV Labeling

Looking to Increase Your Shelf Appeal?

Stand out with our health and beauty product labels.

Scalable Solutions for Your Company

U.S. Tape & Label’s accommodating label production works with whatever scale you feel comfortable operating within. Our team provides flexible solutions for the size of your order and the size of your product container for a label that satisfies exactly what you’re looking for. For almost 60 years U.S. Tape & Label has been at the forefront of the labeling industry and has worked in many different industries. For large companies or small businesses, we have the solutions for your health and beauty product labels. For great-looking labels at an affordable price, reach out to our team today.

Cosmetics Labels

Cosmetic labels should exude an air of elegance and beauty to match the product on display. USTL has the materials and experience to craft a label for your product that shows off the beauty of a product from within.

Personal Care Labels

The personal care market is always expanding, which means you need a brand label that stays ahead of the trends. USTL provides labels of all shapes and sizes to appeal to any customer looking to better themselves.

Soap Labels

Your label should have a clean look to show off the nature of your soap. USTL can design a label that cleans out the competition and puts your soap on the center stage. Clean, efficient labels are the staple of our services.

Supplement Labels

Distinctive labeling can take your business far, so you need a partner that can accentuate the unique qualities of your brand in the labels they create for you. USTL can create magnets to your exact specifications, customizing them to fit your unique needs.

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