CTM Labeling Equipment

USTL is an Authorized Distributor of CTM Labeling Equipment

We carry several pieces of popular equipment from CTM. If you’re looking for something in particular, give us a call.

CTM Labeling Machines

CTM Labeling Systems offers cutting-edge, versatile products that stand the test of time. CTM has built a reputation based on decades of good design, local manufacturing, and excellent support. As a proud Authorized Distributor of CTM labeling equipment, we offer several of their products, including the popular CTM 360a series of Label Applicators, the 3600 series of Print and Apply applicators, and Standard Labeling systems designed to accurately and efficiently apply pressure-sensitive labels to a multitude of products.

Popular CTM equipment we carry includes:

Pre-Printed Label Applicators

Print & Apply Label Applicators

Photo of CTM 360a

CTM 360a

Picture of CTM 3600a labeling equipment

CTM 3600a PA

Labeling Systems

Photo of CTM economy wrap system

CTM Front-Back Labeling System

CTM front back labeling system

CTM Economy Wrap System

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