Product Design

Superior design starts with U.S. Tape & Label.

Successful product label design is all about creating the concept and appearance of your new product. The development process for new goods and services all comes down to effective branding, and USTL can give you a hand creating a dynamic finished product. We can provide all kinds of labeling machinery and the materials you need to market your products well. These items can enhance your production and save you time in your supply chain, but we can do much more than that.

Product Label Design Support

You might have heard a lot about our printing and applying machinery or the vast array of materials we have available to our clients. You should also know that we have systems in place and innovative label solutions to support your product designs, using a design process that provides you the best payoff. We have expertise in label design and in-house departments dedicated to artwork support. USTL can even make modifications to existing labels to fit a new product in an older line of merchandise.

USTL has color matching services to find the perfect look for your branding and labels. These services can help create a higher rate of customer retention if you’ve already established a trusting relationship with your customers. When you’re rolling out a new product, it’s essential to remind them of their past success with your brand name. Color matching is a subtle way of building a family of products consumers can easily recognize.

Custom Label Design

High-quality labels are an investment that you will never regret and USTL has the resources and experience to offer you labels that grab people’s attention.

Advantageous Expertise

Creating a design for the appearance of your product involves much more than just choosing a name and sticking it on the outside. It is more of an engineering process to find the best custom label to communicate everything about your product at a glance. Your label needs to inform the customer of the product’s applications and be visually appealing at the same time. It can be a tricky balance to pull off effectively. Luckily, you have USTL to provide a final product you can be proud to show off.

We have our own in-house art department with the best expertise in the business. Our designers can help you create the best possible design for your label. USTL has been in the business of printing and supplying labels for companies since 1950. Our art department can assist you in building the perfect label for your new product. Once we have helped construct a compelling label, we can print an order of short-run samples so you can see the design in action. These prototypes are useful for you and your customers if you want to test them out before fully investing in a larger print run.

Materials Matter

Sometimes you’ve already got the perfect label design, but you don’t know how to apply it. With our expertise, we can help you select the best materials that will show off your design and product at the same time. We can help you find the perfect design solution, building a product you can showcase to the world and that can be spotted at a distance. Working closely with us, you could add a holographic eye-catching element or perhaps a QR code for further customer interaction. The choices are limitless with U.S. Tape & Label because we assist you in finding the best way to display your products.



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