Custom Wine Labels

Rich flavor, richer designs.

Wine pairs well with many different events. Weddings, birthdays, and special occasions are just a few of the times that wine is used to enhance the mood, but picking the right wine means it needs the right visual appeal. This is where U.S. Tape & Label’s wine bottle labels come into play.

Custom Wine Labels

U.S. Tape & Label has perfected the art of creating personalized wine bottle labels. Our label solutions incorporate premium label designs with multiple printing options to choose from. This allows us to customize your label to make it as detailed as possible. Our digital and flexographic technology makes creating high-quality label shapes and designs a seamless process. With label material that has been designed with FDA, TTB, and FSC regulations in mind, your labels will not only stick out, but they’ll also stay on the bottle for much longer. USTL offers labels that won’t fade over time, that resist temperature change, and can handle any storage conditions. For high-class quality, pick U.S. Tape & Label.

Wine Label Printing

We create durable, gorgeous labels printed exactly the way you want for any type of bottle.

Personalized Wine Labels

Your label deserves special attention because your brand offers something unique to the market that nobody else does. Conveying this feeling means you need a label that can live up to your expectations and the expectations of your customers. You want something elegant, eye-catching, and durable so that no matter what event, your wine is shining brightly. USTL works alongside you to help design and print labels that stand the test of time. Our label designs include: 

  • Raised UV Designs
  • Cold and Hot Stamping
  • Wax Seals
  • Aluminum Capsulation
  • Tamper Evident Material
  • Wet Strength Adhesives
  • FDA-, FSC-, TTB-Approved Material
  • Shrink Sleeve Bundle Wrap

Your label has the water resistance and durability to outlast the competition and the beauty to draw people from across the room. With custom shapes and printing made fit to form, your labels can truly shine with the services of U.S. Tape & Label.

Add Elegance to Any Event

U.S. Tape & Label offer you the chance for your wine to look as amazing as it tastes. There are hundreds of different brands and types of wine, but none of them have your unique flair. We aim to capture that feeling in every label and design we create. Stand out in any event or on any store shelf with labels that can handle the wear and tear of storage while also appealing to anyone with a taste for the high life. Your wine demands attention and we can help you achieve that. Raise the spirits of anyone at an event or browsing the liquor store with the labeling expertise of U.S. Tape & Label.

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