Specialty Shapes

Create custom labels that fit any product.

USTL offers specialty labels for all of your more unique products, helping to further set you apart from the competition. With eye-catching designs and special formatting for any type of surface, you can trust in our process to provide you the best labels on the market.

Custom-Shaped Labels

Containers, pouches, and bags all come in different shapes and sizes, so product labels shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all answer. Your company needs a label solution that can adjust to the unique dimensions of your product. At U.S. Tape & Label, we offer customized labels that can perfectly conform to your product’s shape.

Our team of experienced engineers has worked with a variety of companies for projects that vary in scale. These projects have run the gamut from large-scale production for national roll outs to smaller startups hoping to test the waters with fresh, exciting product samples.

Looking for the Right Fit?

Choose U.S. Tape & Label for custom-shaped label design.

Find the Label That’s Right for You

At U.S. Tape & Label, we understand how much time and hard work you put into all of your products. Our team of custom label makers works to mirror that same level of effort and quality with each and every one of our labels.

We’re always looking for ways to fine tune our production process. We want to deliver our clients specialty labels that accommodate your products. Our customized labels include:

  • Specialty shapes
  • Butt cut, die-cut, and knife cut labels
  • Sample designs and prototypes
  • Bowed RCR
  • Perforation

It’s not easy finding a labeling solution that fits perfectly with your product. Luckily, U.S. Tape & Label is here to help.

Improve Brand Awareness at an Affordable Price

Nothing turns customers away like conventional, bland labels and stickers. U.S. Tape & Label is dedicated to producing custom stickers and labels that work best for your product. We strive to create labels that are eye-catching and full color to maximize the presentation of your product. Reach out to our team today and add some personality to your product with our custom-shaped labels.

Custom Label Printing Services

Custom shaped stickers can give your brand the unique graphic necessary to draw eyes and generate more sales. USTL offers everything you might need for optimal labels. We are able to fit them to your specification and customize them for the products you are selling. We have rapid label creation services that don’t lower the quality of the product. Our team has perfected label making and turned it into a true art form that you can benefit from with a call. Contact us today to learn how we can amplify your brand and take it to the next level.



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