Shrink Sleeve Labels

Customized shrink sleeve labels will conform to any shape product.

U.S. Tape & Label provides high-quality shrink sleeve labels that offer a durable, sleek design for your product. Our team of dedicated engineers delivers a label that adheres to the size of your bottle or container for an eye-catching presentation that optimizes shelf impact and appeal. Our PVC, PETG, and PETGLV shrink sleeve labels include 360-degree branding for your product and tamper-evident seals. Shrink sleeves with vibrant colors are the best way to make sure no one walks by without taking a second look.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Quality Labels

U.S. Tape & Label’s shrink sleeve process provides cost-effective solutions with incredible printing quality. With shrink film, your product becomes scuff-resistant so it will always look good, even after delivery and handling. We provide sleeves for any number of products, including:

  • Beverage Containers
  • Shampoos and Conditioners
  • Health and Beauty Products
  • Cannabis Products
  • Beer Can Sleeves
  • Multi-Pack Products

Our tamper-evident, custom-sized shrink sleeve labels are the perfect solution for 360-degree marketing. U.S. Tape & Label’s in-house label designers have fine tuned the sleeve packaging system to create a refined, cost-effective service. USTL creates full-body labels that can be applied to any of the above products and more.

Shrink Sleeve Packaging

Whether you are looking for shrink sleeve labels for bottles, cans, or any number of similar products, USTL can help you find the perfect solution.

Custom Designs at Cost-Effective Rates

U.S. Tape & Label’s shrink sleeve wraps are a perfect fit for any product. They are fit to form and provide a vibrant addition to any product to help it stand out from the crowd. You won’t be spending incredible amounts of money for fantastic designs and sleeves. Instead, we aim to give you a cost-effective solution with the same quality you would be paying top dollar for. We customize our sleeves to fit your product so that you can shine all the brighter.

Printed Shrink Sleeve Perfection

When you are looking to create a line of labels, saving money and time are more often than not high priorities on your list. You need a company that aims for perfection in everything they do, and USTL does exactly that. With rapid, high-quality prints, we can give you any type of label for an affordable price. Our experienced engineers can create everything you need to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Why U.S. Tape & Label?

If you’re looking for on-brand marketing at an affordable rate, U.S. Tape & Label offers a wide range of customized designs to fit your product with a look your customers will love. Shrink sleeve labels are cost-effective, durable alternatives to conventional product wrapping. Reach out today and see how our team can provide labeling for you, whether it’s a national roll out or a small sample.



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