Labeling Equipment

Label applicators, printers, and systems for every business and industry.

Whether you’re applying pre-printed labels to your product, printing labels for future application, or simultaneously printing and applying your labels to your product, we have a labeling system that will meet your needs.

Labeling Equipment Designed For Your Needs.

U.S. Tape and Label has labeling equipment for every business and industry. Whether you’re applying pre-printed labels to your product, printing labels for future application or simultaneously printing and applying your labels to your product, we have the labeling system that will meet your needs.

With U.S. Tape and Label, you can buy, lease or rent a customized label system with on-site installation and customization. U.S. Tape and Label is an Authorized Distributor for Label-Aire, CTM, Pack Leader, and Sato labeling and printing equipment, providing new and /used labeling equipment, equipment rental, parts, service, and contract labeling. Our qualified sales engineers pride themselves on finding the most cost-effective solution for your label application needs.

Buy, Lease Or Rent A Customized Label System

It would be our pleasure to discuss any current or future labeling projects you have. Call us or fill out the contact form to get started.

Purchase Labeling Equipment

The right labeling equipment can make a real impact on the efficiency and productivity of your business while allowing you to innovate and make your products stand out on the shelf. The experts at U.S. Tape & Label recognize that buying a new label applicator or system means making a big investment in your business, and they take it seriously. We’re here to help you find the solution that makes the most sense for your business.

We keep labeling equipment in stock continuously. If you’re looking for something specific, give us a call. If you’re not sure exactly what you need, our experts can help you find the right solution for your specific application.

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What Type Of Labeling Equipment Is Right For You?

Pre-Printed Label Applicators U.S. Tape and Label provides pre-printed label applicators to buy, rent, or lease to own, including air blow, tamp blow, merge, labelers. These label applicators quickly and accurately apply pre-printed labels to any product and are often used for labeling of coupons, promotional labels, and prime labels for product decoration. They can be integrated into a complete labeling system or as a “stand-alone” unit that would roll up to a production line. They are reliable, cost-effective, efficient, affordable, adaptable to a variety of applications, and we keep many of them in stock at all times.

Print And Apply Label Applicators

Print and apply applicators simultaneously print pressure-sensitive labels and apply them to your product. Types of print and apply models include merge, tamp/blow, air blow, all with a variety of print engines available. Benefits of this type of applicator include fast labeling, reduced labor cost, increased productivity, and high-quality images and labels. They also eliminate the need for pre-printed labels. They’re typically used for shipping, barcode and content labels.

Primary And Custom Labeling Systems

U.S. Tape and Label offers some of the best primary labeling systems in the industry. A Primary labeling system is a complete labeling system that will transport, separate, control, and label a product. Used to increase production and simplify the labeling process, this is a great solution for companies that want an in-house labeling solution. Our engineers can provide custom solutions for complicated applications. USTL’s complete machine shop helps us to engineer and customize for our clients as required.

OEM Print Engines

U.S. Tape and Label can provide replacement print engines for Label-Aire and CTM “Print and Apply” label applicators, including the following featured equipment:

  • SATO S84-EX (All Configurations)
  • SATO S86-EX (All Configurations)
  • Zebra ZE-500-4 (All Configurations)
  • Zebra ZE-500-6 (All Configurations)

Label Rewinder and Unwinder

U.S. Tape and Label can also supply label rewinding and unwinding equipment. From simple label rewind stations for desktop printers to advanced roll-to-roll label rewind work stations. These systems are designed for both low and high output, are low cost, and are easy to use.

Desktop Label Printers

Desktop label printers are good for applications including PCB labeling, component marketing, ticketing, retail labeling, compliance labeling, shipping, asset tracking, WMS, WIP tracking, logistic tracking, laboratory labeling, and pallet labeling.

Thermal desktop printing is a digital printing process where a thermal printhead is used to transfer ribbon ink on thermochromic paper or heat-sensitive paper. There are two types of thermal printers: Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer. Direct Thermal Printers are low cost, easy to use solutions with a quick turnaround and no ribbon required. Thermal Transfer Printing creates labels that are very durable and can withstand extreme temperatures, so it works well for high-density bar-codes and labels that require longevity.

Semi-Automatic Labeling Systems

Semi-automatic labeling systems are designed to apply labels to a wide range of products while also providing high labeling accuracy and repeatability, and can be used for applying wrap-around labels to bottles and cans.

Products are hand loaded followed by an automatic function of a touch switch or foot pedal to apply the label. These systems are good for short production runs and designed for high output. They are easy to use, can accommodate a wide range of product sizes, and are lower cost, making them great solutions for start-ups.

Buy Used and Demo Labeling Equipment

Buying new isn’t the only option when it comes to owning your own labeling equipment, and we’re always ready to work with you to find the right solution for your specific situation. Ask us about the used or demo systems, applicators, and printers we have in stock.

Rent or Lease-to-Own Labeling Equipment

Want to take care of your own label application, but not quite ready to purchase the equipment? We work with businesses at every stage to find the right solution, including rent and lease-to-own options.

The Equipment and Expertise You Need

U.S. Tape & Label’s team of qualified sales engineers is available to help you find the equipment solution that will meet your label application needs. Contact us to get started today.

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