Labels that look as good as your food tastes.

Keeping up with FDA nutrition label guidelines is one of U.S. Tape & Label’s many specialties. Let us help you create amazing labels that stand out and grab attention.

Food Labels

U.S. Tape & Label provides customized labeling services for your food products. Our team of dedicated engineers works with cutting-edge technology and high-quality labeling equipment to produce labels that fit your product’s shape for an eye-catching look. Our labels conform to the contour of your packaging; whether it’s a can, jar, bar-wrapper, bag, or meat container, you’ll have a finalized product that stands out. U.S. Tape & Label’s scalable solutions are fine tuned to meet your production demands, whether you’re working toward a national product roll out or you’re a small startup that needs samples to start your business.

Love the Look of Your Food

You know how great your product tastes, but your target audience needs to know where to look. For moisture-resistant, durable labeling, U.S. Tape & Label offers eye-catching labels with many additional features like raised lettering and a textured feel for a luxury look. We have many machines in house to keep the cost of production down and help find the right solution for your products. Reach out to our team today and see how we can elevate your product’s presentation for optimal shelf appeal.

Food Packaging Printing

We create labels that are mouth-watering good. USTL has the resources and expertise to provide you with exceptional labeling options for your products.

Before They Taste Your Product, Wow Customers With Your Packaging

Our premium labeling equipment caters to several food products for moisture-resistant, long-lasting quality labeling. We work to offer both digital and flexographic printing services, so your product will always look good from shelf to pantry. We offer labeling for:

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