In-House Application

More than just your standard label solutions.

U.S. Tape & Label has been in the business of providing labeling solutions since 1950. During that time, we have learned that every client is different in their own unique ways, and we strive to customize our services accordingly. We pride ourselves on being more than just a labeling company. We deliver tangible solutions. The first time a customer sees the label on your products is that make-or-break moment when they’ll either purchase it or put it back. When done correctly, the face of your product can be the trusted name customers keep coming back to every time.

Label Applicators Change Everything

USTL has label printers and label applicator machines for every business and industry. Our name is a trusted brand for in-house labeling and application. When you choose us, you can rest easy knowing your products and labels are in good hands. You have access to a wide range of options when you use our in-house installation services. Put your products in expert hands with USTL’s personalized label methods.

Our in-house application services can address any need you may have, and if they don’t, we can create a new method customized to your needs. Our line of labels covers a wide variety of options and offers over a dozen ways to brand your product. Our labels are far more than just stickers; we can print and apply prime, industrial, security, scratch-off, and pressure-sensitive labels. USTL labeling machines can apply text booklets, QR codes, and prism stickers.

A Professional Facility

We are equipped to handle nearly any project and can work on site at your facility. USTL can also create your labels from many different materials. Our devices can print on textured and metallic papers, clear materials, and film or foil. Our facility can deliver hot and cold foil stamping, lamination, flexo printing, embossing, and digital printing.

Working with professionals like the team at USTL means you gain access to exclusive features you might not find anywhere else. Our on-site labeling offers a complete menu of services that are a step above the competition. We can provide counterfeiting countermeasures, food-safe labels, and UV overcoats or inks. For our more environmentally conscious clients, we can use sustainable inks and papers as well.

Professional Packaging

Beyond all of our labeling resources, USTL also can package your products with our high-speed, heavy-duty packaging services. That means we provide sleeving and shrink packaging to fit any product. Our facility even has a secure space where specialty packaging and labeling are created just for you. We deliver durable labeling products that meet and exceed industry standards, even under extreme conditions or exposure. Another benefit of our on-site packaging is it can streamline your business operations. Instead of just printing labels for you, our labeling system can print and apply your labels simultaneously.

Applying Outstanding Labels

With our automatic label applicators, USTL can produce labels with speed and precision, giving you an optimal product quickly and efficiently.

Label Application System

Our product label applicators are state of the art, with incredibly rapid design-to-print time and multiple application options to choose from. It doesn’t matter what type of product you are attempting to label, we have multiple options to choose from. With our labeling, coding and marking your products is simple and seamless. We also ensure that product handling is carefully observed, taking great care to apply every label equally and professionally with technicians who have an eye for detail operating the machinery.

Unbeatable Service

Your labels require an expert hand to shape and print them. USTL has the tools and experience necessary to create everything you ever dreamed of in a label. We can help take your product and designs to the next level with a label application system that prints labels on any surface you could want. Contact USTL if you are interested in heightening the value of your product and standing out from the competition.

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