Soap Labels

Impress customers with clean branding and cleaner product labeling.

Clean out the competition with U.S. Tape & Label custom soap labels. Our label designs and sizes work on all types of products and help you catch the eye of potential customers immediately.

Soap Labels

For soap labels that give your soap products a luxurious and clean feel, U.S. Tape & Label has the perfect solutions. Soap is such a personal choice and you want your packaging and labeling to reflect the personality and quality that people will experience. Since labels don’t adhere directly to soap, your packaging will need to incorporate a wrapper or box. Your product also needs to be protected from dirt, fingernails, scratches, and other damage.

Bath and Body Products Are All About Look and Feel

Trust our team to give your product the label it deserves!

Combine Luxury, Style, and Information

Your product has to not only look great, but it also has to meet a few labeling requirements. Consumers want to know about the products they are buying. In order for your soap to be correctly labeled as “soap,” it must be made primarily of oils and lye. It needs to be free of cosmetic claims such as “moisturizing” or “exfoliating.” Most soap makers also include a list of ingredients and how much of them are included in their products. Combine this information with the thousands of choices for packaging and labeling offered by U.S. Tape & Label, and your personal care products are bound to look great.

  • High-Quality Materials
  • Full-Color Printing
  • Cut-to-Size Labels
  • Cigar Band Labels
  • Raised UV Lettering
  • Roll Labels
  • Shrink Sleeves
  • Self-Adhesive Sticker Labels
  • Available in Different Shapes and Sizes

Any Design, Any Product

Label sizes are vital to the design of your brand and product, so USTL takes that into account when we help you create your label line. Any size or shape, high-quality certified materials, and full-color printing are just a few of the offerings that come with our services. Solutions that stand out start with USTL.

Get Your Product Noticed

Professional-looking labels give your product an air of quality and leave your customers with the impression that they have purchased a superior product. Don’t fall for low-quality options that diminish the look of your products. Even if you want a rustic, hand-made look, U.S. Tape & Label can provide a quality design that your customers will love.



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