Sauce Labels

Looking to increase brand awareness and add some kick to your sauce’s presentation? Searching for hot sauce labels to finally get your small business off the ground? Our team works with any packaging material you use for your product to provide customized sauce labels to help your product really pop. We work with any sauce you can cook up—from finger-lickin’ barbecue sauce to zesty salsa, we provide on-brand labeling for your product. FDA-approved and FSC-certified, our cutting-edge technology gives your company the kick your sauce labels need for clean, presentable labeling necessary to make someone stop short while grocery shopping.


Customized Labeling

U.S. Tape and Label utilizes the latest print technology including both digital and flexographic printing as well as thermotransfer printable labels, to provide FDA-approved materials for eye-catching advertising. Our customized labels deliver flexible prints for any container your company works with when packaging your sauce. We offer labels for:

  • Wrapped and flat containers
  • Temperature-resistant storage
  • Long-term and short-term storage
  • Front and top-labeled sauces
  • Date-coded or bar-coded products