Food-Grade Oil Labeling

High-quality labels for high-quality oils.

Oil products require robust labels that don’t wear out over time, ensuring they are legible and useful for as long as necessary. U.S. Tape & Label has the tools and experience needed to create custom food labels for oil products that can stand the wear and tear of time.

Food-Grade Oil Labeling

U.S. Tape & Label offers custom food labels for oil products that leave a lasting impression. We collaborate with your team to pour over the details of your manufacturing process, including how you package, store, and market your oil. Food-grade oil labeling is crucial for brand recognition, and if your label deteriorates or degrades over time, it becomes that much more difficult to reach the audience you’re looking to attract. Smearing over time is an issue with oil, but our designs are built to withstand any oil they come in contact with.

Brand Recognition

Food nutrition labels need to be distinctive and catch the eye of consumers as soon as they enter the grocery aisle. USTL understands the science behind what consumers look for in a label. We have the tools to craft a standout brand label that can pull in any customer, with labels that are durable and eye-catching for any oil product.

Added Durability

Oil products have a chance of degrading over time from smearing, tearing, or falling apart when the product is being used or sitting on the shelf. Our labels are designed with durability in mind and keep your label clean and clear for much longer than standard labels. A durable label is proof of higher-quality products in the eyes of the public. Let U.S. Tape & Label help you have that effect on your consumers.

On-Brand Oil Labeling for Lasting Quality

Make your mark with U.S. Tape & Label.

Collaborative Production for On-Brand Labeling

When it comes to how you package your oil products, there are several crucial steps our team accounts for before finding a label that works for you. Your manufacturing process plays a large part in deciding how you should label your product. Once we understand your filling process—how it is filled and where—we use our in-house engineers to help decide on:

  • Laminated labels that won’t disintegrate
  • Accurate fill lines to remove the chance of over-fill and dripping
  • Total coverage to keep out UV light
  • Safety seals and foil toppers
  • Expiration dates in ink jet or thermotransfer
  • Ink-receptive spot varnish that’s smear-resistant

Why U.S. Tape & Label?

Stand out from the crowd with high-quality, on-brand labeling that leaves a lasting impression even with slippery products like cooking oil. The quality of your product shouldn’t cause the label to deteriorate. With U.S. Tape & Label, we collaborate closely with your team to find a solution that fits seamlessly with your brand and how you produce your product. You work hard to provide a product that tastes like your customers have known it all their life — our team helps them know where to look.

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