Meat Labels

We produce quality meat labels that will last in the fridge or freezer.

Meat labeling and packaging needs to be handled with care, ensuring that labels are FDA-approved and utilizing FSC-certified materials. USTL takes great care to provide you with the perfect labels for all of your packaged meat products.

Meat Labels for Packaging

U.S. Tape & Label provides high-quality meat labels using both digital and flexographic technologies. Our FDA-approved and FSC-certified materials are perfect for labeling Cryovac packaging containing sausage, ground beef, steak, chicken, charcuterie, or any other meat you need to be labeled. We work with any number of applications to find a label that perfectly aligns with your product and its packaging. Whether you need cold or hot, wet or dry application, we can find the best solution that’s right for you and make sure your product has an eye-catching label.

Bold Branding

Your label should stand apart from the competition and draw the eye no matter where it sits on the shelf. Meat packaging needs to be flexible as well as durable, while still retaining the wow factor that consumers are looking for. USTL has the label-making experience necessary to give you a stand out label that fits any type of meat and keeps the customers coming back for more.

Compliant Packaging

Meat packaging labels require specific compliance regulations to be followed, which include the use of FDA-approved and FSC-certified materials. In order to provide you with custom-printed meat packaging labels, USTL creates food labels that stay within government compliance so you can distribute your product to any outlet.

Quality Prints Designed to Last in Any Temperature

Get eye-catching designs with quality in mind.

Eye-Catching Labels Designed to Last

What good is a handsome label if it can’t take the heat? Using top-of-the-line labeling equipment, U.S. Tape and Label provides customized labeling designs that turn heads at the grocery store and stand up to cold or room temperature storage. Promote your company at an affordable price without compromising quality—if you want your brand to be recognized, you need to make sure your label quality won’t degrade or wear out quickly. Make sure your message gets heard loud and clear—if you need help designing your meat labels, our team of expert designers can help you plan the perfect look for your packaged meat.

Crystal-Clear Quality

We collaborate with your team to best identify the customer base you’re looking to reach and how your new meat labels can help get the exposure you need to grow your business. Whoever you want to market your product toward, meat labels from U.S. Tape & Label will be sure to turn some heads. With help from one of our many state-of-the-art machines, we can make labels in any shape, size, and color that will last in the freezer or fridge.

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