Seasoning Labels

Spice it up with a label from U.S. Tape & Label!

Spice up your labels with USTL. We can help enhance your brand and take it to the next level with iconic imagery and high-quality materials. U.S. Tape & Label creates unique labels to heat up your spice rack.

Seasoning and Spice Jar Labels

Your customers know what they want to make; now they need the flavor to spice things up. For every great recipe, there’s always that one spice the chef needs to make it truly special. But how are they going to find that secret ingredient for the perfect flavor if your product doesn’t stand out from the crowd? U.S. Tape & Label’s customized seasoning and spice jar labels are perfect for your delicious spices and seasonings. Our FDA- and FSC-approved labels work with any container you use to package your product—plastic, glass, or paper. Our team provides durable labeling for your products, so your customers always know who to thank for spicing up their meals.

Stand-Out Labels

Labels that draw the eye really make your brand stand out on the shelf. USTL can help you truly stand above the competition.

Compliant Packaging

With FDA- and FSC-approved labels, your brand will stand out in a crowd and be fully compliant with government regulations.

Lasting Flavor Deserves a Lasting Label

U.S. Tape & Label designs labels for the long haul.

Why Use U.S. Tape & Label?

When it comes to seasoning and spices, sometimes less is more. Your product is made to last for meals to come and your label should be able to withstand the shelf life of your product. U.S. Tape & Label’s customized seasoning and spice jar labels provide durable clarity that won’t quit no matter how many times you take that unique spice out of the cupboard. In addition to thermal transfer printing and secondary printing, we can make labels designed around your application process. Simple, easy-to-use labels that can be auto-applied or hand-applied make your labels truly customized for your business. Some other options we offer include:

  • Wrap Labels
  • Front and Back Labels
  • Labels for Glass and Plastic Containers
  • Auto-Applied Labels
  • Hand-Applied Labels

It’s Time You Spice Things Up

Maybe it’s that hint of cinnamon Grandma used to bake her famous blueberry pie; it could be that particular dry rub Dad used to marinade steaks during summer break; that first time you cooked for your partner might not have gone so well if it weren’t for the last-ditch seasoning you added; and that famous family recipe you know and love wouldn’t be the same without that special ingredient. With U.S. Tape & Label, that best-kept family secret won’t ever be lost in the supermarket shuffle. With almost 60 years of experience helping small and large businesses label their spices appropriately, we understand what you need to make your spice labels stand out! Give us a call today and see how your spices and seasonings can stand out from the crowd.

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