Label Engineering

Our high-quality label printing services are centrally located for your convenience.

At U.S. Tape & Label, innovative labeling systems help properly package your products. Our advanced mechanisms ensure a rapid fulfillment process and stellar results.

Application Engineering Services

Now that we’ve designed the perfect labels and packaging for your brand, what’s next? Make sure your labels are displayed neatly with U.S. Tape & Label. Discover the capabilities of our automatic label applicators. Our high-quality label printing and application services uniquely position you to exceed, while maintaining your company’s professional image. You have plenty of tasks and responsibilities as it is, so we alleviate the pressures of product preparation. 

Our staff creates sharp, polished labels, and our machinery carefully places them on your items. Our refined processes are suited for your company’s marketing needs. Printing options are scalable as well, enabling you to choose your volume fitting for your number of shipments. 

Top-Notch Technology

Our advanced equipment provides professional-looking, ready-to-ship, final products. U.S. Tape & Label is an authorized distributor of Label-Aire and CTM labeling equipment. Our trained staff uses cutting-edge technology to create cost-effective branding for your products, helping them serve optimal shelf appeal.  

We go beyond the use of ordinary label applicator machines; our in-house solutions include sticker application, pressure-sensitive label application, and any other labeling process you require for unique products. Our specialized machinery and labeling solutions consist of:

Thermal and Direct Thermal Desktop Label Printers

Since they don’t use ink or toner, these printers cost less to operate. Because thermal toners don’t require ink, they’re also environmentally friendly. For these reasons, they’re ideal for high-volume printing like shipping, packaging, or register areas. 

Print/Apply Label Applicators

Print/Apply applicators streamline the application process. This specialized machinery generates labels with high-resolution text, barcodes and images on cases, pallets, and shrink wraps. 

Pre-Printed Applicators

With pre-printed applicators, we eliminate the tedious, time-consuming, manual, or hand-applied process. Thanks to their precise placement capabilities, pre-printed applicators neatly place labels onto skids, shrink wraps, and cases with ease. 

Semi-Automatic Labels

This mechanism is perfect for products with irregular shapes. With this applicator, we can label flat panel, unique, and small or large diameter products.

RFID Label Printers

Radiofrequency identification, or RFID, uses radio waves to identify objects. These devices simultaneously print and encode information on RFID inlays or labels. Essentially, RFID accelerates the labeling process by automating the manual process of encoding each tag. 

SATO and Zebra Products

We help you gain a competitive advantage with the smooth and easy integration of SATO and Zebra products; these systems help boost printing and application efficiency. 

Reseller Programs

If you’re reselling printed labels, we help you make sure you’re getting the most from your money when you join our reseller program.

Unique Designs Require Unique Equipment

From pharmaceutical to promotional, we have labeling and packaging solutions that meet all your requirements.

Neat Labels and Fast Turnaround Time

We work to make sure your products arrive to your customers promptly and in pristine condition. Our semi-automatic, thermal, and pre-printed applications are just a few of several options we offer. Your products are unique and you aim to convey a clear message of professionalism and pride. Our expertise and dedication to our craft drives us to deliver amazing results each time. That’s why our warehouses are equipped with fast-functioning machinery, minimizing errors and reducing production time.

Enhance Brand Identity With U.S. Tape & Label

Our dedicated and knowledgeable engineers provide customized labels with long-lasting quality. We know the lasting effects of results-driven business promotion. That’s why we incorporate  industry-trusted technology to help you reach your goals. Once you outline your needs, vision, and expectations, we mobilize a plan of action to grow your business and heighten your brand awareness with creative design. 

At U.S. Tape & Label, we realize what makes your business unique is its brand. Our product label applicators and skillful engineers help you continue to stand out from the rest. We have over 70 years in the printing and packaging industry, so we’re  positioned to propel your products in the right direction. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction, and we know you do, too. For this reason, we make it our mission to develop product design that captivates current customers and potential buyers. Our services include everything from digital marketing and custom labels to premium prints and machinery for rent or purchase. We provide stellar services and do all we can to play a key role in your success and consistent progression. 



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