Produce Labels

Labels that let nature do the selling.

Showing off the natural sheen of a produce product takes careful consideration, knowledge of the industry, and awareness of what people look for when they shop for produce. USTL knows exactly what people are searching for and can help you create a gorgeous label for your brand that uses compliant materials.

Labels for Produce

U.S. Tape & Label provides quality produce labels designed to let nature shine while protecting your produce. We use cutting-edge digital and flexographic technologies to deliver a solution perfect for increasing brand recognition and building awareness of your products. FDA-approved and FSC-certified, our produce labels look so good even little kids will want to eat their vegetables.

Natural Labels

Your labels need to show not only how unique you are, but also how amazing you product is. Produce is a staple of every person’s diet, so creating a label that shows the natural draw of your produce is a must. USTL can help you create the perfect type of label that will show the appeal of your produce as soon as people see it.

Compliance Is Key

All produce labels are required to be FDA-approved and FSC-certified. USTL offers labeling services that make sure your fruit and vegetable labels are fully compliant, durable, and customized to your unique brand appearance.

Produce Ages Fast—Our Produce Labels Don’t

U.S. Tape & Label-designed labels are produced to last.

Quality Designed to Last

For nearly 70 years, U.S. Tape & Label has been reinventing the way our clients market their products. Our quality designed labels are perfected to hold up against a variety of conditions, so the quality doesn’t degrade over time. The ingredients in your product and the way that it’s stored all could contribute to deteriorating label quality, but at U.S. Tape & Label, we test our labels to ensure they hold up to the harshest conditions. Our produce labels account for:

  • Cold or wet application
  • Removable or permanent solutions
  • Food-grade adhesives
  • Banding
  • Direct thermal tags
  • Barcodes and QR codes
  • Origination stickers
  • Hot or cold storage

Make Your Produce Stand Out

With U.S. Tape & Label, all you have to worry about is getting your produce on the shelves—our labels will attract all the attention you need and fulfill the needs of distribution at the same time. We collaborate with your company to identify the best way to market your food. We specialize in increasing brand awareness and recognition, so your produce will get the time in the sun, or produce section, that it deserves. Reach out today and see how we can take your product’s marketing to the next level.

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