Pet Food Bag Labels

Just because the food isn’t for humans doesn’t mean it can’t look great. US Tape & Label offers customized pet-food bag labels for a great looking product that even pet owners can enjoy. We offer scalable, unique designs for your labels, so your product looks as unique and as high quality as it is. Call US Tape & Label today and see how we can spice up your look for increased brand awareness and a superior marketing approach.


Customized Labels For A Unique Design

US Tape & Label offers custom printed designs for a look that humans and animals will fall in love with. Reward your pet for good behavior with a luxurious looking product! Our in-house label application offers FSC-approved and GMI-certified materials to increase your brand’s shelf appeal. US Tape & Labels custom food labels for pet food bags include:

  • Laminated or UV labeling
  • Gloss or matte
  • Embossed designs
  • Specific application to match your bag’s material
  • Pressure sensitive hot or cold adhesive
  • Wet strength adhesives
  • Paper or film
  • Extended content labels
  • Coupons, pet toy banding
  • Heat shrink film