Private Labels

Sure, a lot of hard work and effort went in to developing, testing, and creating your product. Now that you are on the verge of setting it loose in the world it needs one final touch, the perfect packaging. In fact, the packaging and labeling on your product is almost as important as the product itself.

  • Packaging makes your product different – No product may be exactly like yours but to succeed, it needs to stand out and look different from others. There has to be something about how your product looks that catches the eye because you only get a fleeting moment to state your case..
  • Packaging is a critical marketing tool – What does your packaging say about your product? If you are dissatisfied with the answer to that question, it is time to seriously consider alternatives.
  • Packaging conveys information – People want to know about what they are buying and packaging offers a golden opportunity to do this.
  • Packaging creates brand recognition – Even if your business sells novelty soaps or craft beer, people will remember it if they can recognize it.

The Perfect Labeling For Any Product

We, at US Tape & Label have built our business by offering quality labelling products and services that suit our clients needs entirely. We can customize your packaging to give you that special look and feel that you are looking for. Below are some of the services and products we offer:

  • Label design services
  • Color matching
  • Supply chain management
  • Digital printed labels
  • Flexographic labels
  • Rotary screen printing
  • Shrink sleeve labels
  • Specialty shapes