Product Label Manufacturers

Discover the label-making machine manufacturers who create the equipment we use in our facilities and distribute to local businesses.

Do you want to partner with a labeling company that creates your customized product labels? Or do you want to purchase label applicator machines and labeling equipment supplies from a machinery distributor? Whichever services you’re looking for, U.S. Tape & Label offers both. Here’s what you need to know about the manufacturers who provide the machinery and equipment in our facility and that we distribute to businesses.

How Does U.S. Tape & Label Distribute Labeling Equipment?

We are one of the largest labeling equipment distributors in the Midwest. That phrase means we connect businesses with high-quality products from private-label brands. Then those businesses can create labeling solutions in their own facilities. We offer a wide range of labeling products, including individual label printers and entire labeling systems.

You may be curious to know if we use these manufacturers’ equipment in our facility or just sell them to customers. We use them in our facility because we know from experience how well their equipment works. Our team uses their machinery to make custom labels for our clients, and we want you to do the same for your business.

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Manufacturers We Work With


Label-Aire offers a variety of wipe-on, air-blow, and tamp-blow labeling systems, plus additional labeling equipment and supplies. Their products help you create comprehensive labeling solutions within your own business.

Discover Our Custom Labeling Services

Reach out to us to create custom product labels with our labeling services.

Why Work With a Labeling Equipment Distributor?

Purchasing labeling equipment through a distributor is the best way to access high-quality products for your label-making processes. Often, manufacturers sell their products through distributors only, so you need to work with one to find the equipment your labeling process needs. However, distributors also understand the products they sell. They can tell you which equipment meets your labeling requirements and help you find the right machinery for your budget. 

Find the Right Labeling Equipment and Machinery With U.S. Tape & Label

If you want to determine the right equipment for your in-house labeling processes, reach out to us today. We’re ready to help you find the machinery that fits your labeling needs. If you want to produce a high volume of labels, we can procure the equipment you need for the process. Tell us what type of labeling you want to perform, and we’ll find the machinery you need to complete those in-house processes.

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