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Product labels are necessary to help generate brand appeal. U.S. Tape & Label is a professional label-making service that can help you jump to the front of customers’ minds. Inventive, unique, and inspiring labels will keep customers coming back time and again, and we can give you a chance for your labels to achieve that and more.

Custom Product Labels

Different products need different labels. One brand is vastly different than another and has a flair all its own. Setting yourself apart based on the merits of your product is a given, but people need a reason to pick your product besides word of mouth. U.S. Tape & Label works to perfect our labeling process every day so you are given product packaging solutions that exceed any competitor on the market. If you are in the market for food packaging or need bottle labels, we cover an extensive array of products and label types. If you are looking for label printing that stands the test of time using label materials that can only be found with the best in the business, USTL has the services you need.

Durable, Dependable, Different

Our labels aren’t just bold and bright, they are made with materials that help them survive past the product’s shelf life. With materials that are water resistant, tamper evident, and more, your label will stay on the product and in people’s minds far longer than you could imagine. Hardy labels show the effort you put into your product and market your brand just as well as word of mouth or advertising might. Any label that is unique enough does the advertising for itself. Stand out with product label designs that jump off the shelves.

Industries We Serve

We offer labels for every type of product imaginable, and across product lines, our labels are made with high-quality materials to accentuate your brand’s values.

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Custom Size Labeling

Branding matters, which means your labels should have a defined look that leaves a lasting impression while also communicating critical information about your product to your target audience. With over 70 years of experience, U.S. Tape & Label will work with you to craft a unique labeling solution that fits your budget, brand, and timeline.

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