Pet Food Can Labels

We create labels designed to be eye-catching for pet owners.

U.S. Tape & Label designs excellent pet food labels both for cans and bags. We offer designs that are aimed to appeal to anyone, human and pet alike.

Pet Food Labels

Pet owners love their pets like family and, many times, treat them like it too. While they may not be interested in tasting the food for themselves, that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in how it looks! U.S. Tape & Label offers high-quality pet food labels for bags and cans for an attractive finished product. We offer scalable, unique designs for your labels, so your animal food product gets the seal of approval from the extended family members.

Our team of dedicated engineers works with cutting-edge digital and flexographic technologies to deliver a solution that promotes brand awareness for a superior marketing approach. We also follow all AAFCO label requirements to help you put all regulatory information on your labels. U.S. Tape & Label’s custom pet food labels give your brand the exciting look it needs to fly off the shelves. Reach out to our team today and see how your pet food can get the boost it needs to leave a lasting impression on pet owners everywhere.

Our Labeling Solutions

We deliver the following labeling solutions for the pet food labels we create:

Label Printing

We print your pet product labels with at least one of these label printing techniques:

  • Digital Labeling: As the name suggests, we design these labels digitally and print them out on HP 6000 and 6800 digital printers. Then, we apply them to your pet food packaging or bag.
  • Flexographic Labeling: This labeling process uses a flexible relief plate to print your labels onto your product packaging. It works best for nonporous packaging like brown paper, plastic, or foil.
  • Rotary Screen Printing: This process has been used to print labels since the 1800s. It pushes ink through a series of mesh holes in the printer’s screen material to create different textures on the labels. Screen printing gives labels an extra visual edge through this printing process.

Product Labels

We provide custom product labels for all types of pet food products. Our labels come in the following forms:

  • Die Cut
  • Shrink Sleeve
  • Specialty Shapes

We use these different label forms and shapes to offer you flexible packaging options. We customize these label forms depending on your packaging needs.

Label Services

Along with creating and printing your labels, we also provide these label services for your business:

  • Label Design: Not sure what to put on your label? Our design team helps you design and create a label that stands out on the shelf.
  • Supply Chain Management: We help you streamline your supply chain by using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to track your labels and products. This service lets you know where your products and labels are at all times.

Carefully Crafted Pet Food Labels

Don’t settle for a rudimentary design that doesn’t show off your product in the best light. U.S. Tape & Label offers customized pet food labels that look as great to your customers as it tastes to their pets. Made from FDA-approved materials, dog food and cat food needs as much care as food humans eat.
We print ingredient lists that won’t smear or fade. We can also add feeding directions and ingredients so your customers are excited to expand their pets’ appetites. Our labels include:

  • Laminated or UV Coating
  • Gloss or Matte Finishes
  • Paper or Film Face Stocks
  • Coupons
  • Pet Toy Branding
  • In-House Labeling
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Labels That Look so Good Even Humans Want In

U.S. Tape & Label offers customized pet food labels for cans and bags.

Pet Food Bag Labels

U.S. Tape & Label creates engaging custom shrink wrap labels and more for any type of pet food bag you could imagine. Since pet foods are so different from human foods, different labeling is required to appeal to the pet owners and draw them in. We can help your brand stand above the rest.

Pet Food Can Labels

Lots of pet food comes in cans, and those cans need attractive labels. USTL provides professional custom label services for pet food cans and other similar products so that your brand can truly shine on the shelf.

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